Vet Health: The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Medicine

by Jennifer Stout, DVM When your pet is sick or in pain, the natural response is to help. Especially if a problem occurs outside of your veterinarian’s normal office hours, you may be tempted to try to fix your pet’s […]

Architect: The Forgotten Master

by Kristin Thieling Scattered throughout the Pines is a collection of houses, built between 1961 and 1981; made from a combination of cedar or redwood and glass; carefully placed on their sites; sophisticated, seductive, and alluring. While no two of […]

Science: Autonomous Vehicles

by Mark LaPointe Autonomous (self-driving) vehicles are no longer a dream of the future, but are an imminent reality.  Many of today’s cars feature some type of collision avoidance, or even self-driving (albeit with a driver supervising) technology.  But the […]

Fire Island’s Queer Literary History: A Short Timeline (1940s-1980s)

By Jack Parlett   Fire Island has been home to countless artists and writers, many of them queer, and even confining a survey of its rich history to the literary is no simple task. Does it begin in 1882, when Oscar Wilde […]

Off Season At Fire Island

April may not seem like the perfect time for an island getaway, but you’ll find the timing just right for a trip to Fire Island. Any seasoned vacationer will tell you that off-season trips can provide unique and treasured experiences. […]

Family Fun on Fire Island

Although Fire Island might be known for its rowdy and unique nightlife, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t a family-friendly island. With over 32 miles of gorgeous white sand beaches, very few cars, friendly locals, a national forest, and stunning […]

Crazy Night Out

Fellas–here’s how to have the best night ever on Fire Island “For just a split second, you forget who you are and you’re just the same as everybody else. And you’re as proud as you ever were.” Although Fire Island provides […]

A Guide to Bike Riding on Fire Island

  Tips and Tricks for Bike Riding on Fire Island During the summer months, you will find good times are in excess on Fire Island. From boogie boarding and surfing to shopping in ocean beach, and great seafood at Ocean […]

Top of the Bay

Arguably this pick should be higher on the list but due to its less convenient location, it gets a lower spot. Located in Cherry Grove, the Top of the Bay restaurant is the place to be for a sunset dinner. […]

Pines Bistro and Martini Bar

Although Ocean Beach has a more impressive selection of restaurants, you certainly don’t want to pass up the Pines Bistro and Martini Bar if you are looking for the ultimate dining experience. Known for its intimate style of dining, the […]

The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on Fire Island

After Hurricane Sandy in 2013, the historic hurricane wrecked many parts of Fire Island. Fire Island was able to cleanup from debris and damage. Much of Fire Island was saved by the sand dunes, protecting 4,500 homes. The tallest waves […]

Pines Bluff Overlook

Pines Bluff Overlook FIRE ISLAND PINES the only Ocean Front B&B: Pines Bluff Overlook Come sit by the pool, or gaze across the blue rolling waves of the Fire Island Pines beach. Have dinner at your favorite local restaurant and […]