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Corneille Estates:

Located just to the west of Ocean Beach, Corneille Estates is most popular among single young professionals, and while group shares are common, so is a family atmosphere and sense of neighborhood. Only one and a half residential blocks in size, the developer of this diminutively sized community was once in business partnership with John Wilbur, the entrepreneurial founder of Ocean Beach, its much larger and more powerful neighbor directly east. However with different visions and business philosophies they parted ways prior to 1912. This vision is still apparent today as Corneille has a much more lush and natural appearance as well as some surprisingly handsome, yet understated architecture.

The compact community is accessible by winding boardwalks and defined by lush wooded areas that provide shade from the summer sun. Corneille Estates is also the official home of “Trangle Ball” ® a game somewhat related to handball which is a local favorite and along with volleyball played on the beaches almost every summer weekend for almost decades. Trangle Ball tournaments get very competitive and always draw the in crowds!

Close enough to enjoy all the amenities Ocean Beach has to offer, but far enough away as not to be stifled by its abundance of rules and ordinances. Corneille Estates residents have easy access to the downtown Ocean Beach scene just a short stroll or bicycle ride away. Woodhull Elementary School, the only public school facility that is part of Fire Island Union Free School District is also located in Corneille and offers a baseball field, basketball courts, and a public library that offers computer use and Internet access at no charge. There is no direct ferry line, water taxi landing spot, or a community marina in Corneille Estates. Residents must look to Ocean Beach for these services as well.

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