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When planning your trip to Fire Island, don’t forget to explore the convenient services provided by the ferry companies and the Fire Island Water Taxi. Each service has a schedule tailored to various island destinations. Cars are scarce on the island, so hailing an Uber is not an option. Instead, rely on the water taxi and ferry services.

While enjoying the scenic ride on the boat’s top deck, keep in mind that it can be cold, windy, and lacking shade. To enhance your comfort, check out the Fire Island Shop for great deals on hats with adjustable straps and cozy hoodies/sweatshirts.

Fire Island Ferry Schedules

Leaves Bay Shore

Fire Island Ferries Inc. ‐ Get Directions

Leaves Sayville

Sayville Ferries Inc. ‐ Get Directions


Currently Unavailable

Currently Unavailable

Leaves Patchoque

Davis Park Ferry Inc. ‐ Get Directions


Currently Unavailable