Kismet is Fire Island’s westernmost party hub. As a result, it is a New Yorker singles scene. It hosts never-ending happy hours, disco dancing, and boisterous house parties. Count me in! Furthermore, this place is a popular Fire Island summer share house destination. Most noteworthy, it is home to many seasoned Fire Islanders. Especially relevant for Kismet nightlife are two popular bayside bar and grills, The Inn and Surf’s Out. Additionally, Kismet contains a beautiful 100-slip commercial marina. As a result, it is always packed with boaters. Most noteworthy, it is a quaint country-like atmosphere. In conclusion, it is a welcome refuge from the seemingly congested beaches and towns to its east. Ah, paradise.

Kismet is accessible via the Kismet ferry line out of Bay Shore, NY. However, one advantage of being the westernmost Fire Island community is you do not need a ferry to get there.  Many visitors park in Field 5 where Kismet is just a short walk east.


First of all, this location is home to Dominy House Hotel, the first hotel on Fire Island. The rustic hotel was built by Felix Dominy in 1844. Unfortunately, the Dominy House was destroyed by fire in 1903. What a bummer. But, no worries! Luckily, you can currently see the chimney-base attributed to Dominy House. Proudly, it stands a few hundred feet from the bar, Surf’s Out, as a monument to Fire Island’s early heritage. Come and check it out when you visit!

Kismet began as three separate communities. These communities are Seabay Beach, Lighthouse Shores and Kismet proper. However, they are now one community. As a result, this area is a neighborhood of roughly 300 homes. Furthermore, you can still see evidence of the separate communities from the layout of the walkways.

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