Fire Island Favorites

By Catrina Christensen

I’m sitting out on my deck, listening to some Bob Marley, relaxing in the sun, and feeling a nice breeze.  How can you go wrong on a day like today?  It got me thinking about all the special little things Fire Island has to offer.

As a child, I remember making friendship bracelets, and collecting shells to paint an sell in town.  As a teenagers, my friends and I would lay out on the beach and talk about life for hours, frolic in the water, and do some surfing.  In my college days, I would tell my friends in Delaware about this magical land where there are no cars, the beach only being a couple of steps away, and gallivanting through town at night time.  Now, I’m 26 and have more appreciation for the serene days at the beach, the beauty of every sunset, the characters I meet, and most of all, and the peace of mind I get out here.  I look forward to my daily runs, Thursday night BBQ’s and Sunday Funday with my beach family, fun-random nights playing darts till all hours, the dedication I put into all of my work, and the sunsets that are never the same.

People around me have similar feelings.  Here is a short list of some things people have told me some of their favorite things about Fire Island are:

  • That its an escape from reality.
  • Refreshing beach drinks like Rocket Fuels, Alba-Teas, and Zippy’s.
  • Wagons, no cars, bikes.
  • Flip flips, sand in my toes.
  • Late night dance parties.
  • Meals on the bay.
  • Beach days with friends and family.
  • Sunsets.

I’d love to hear everyone’s favorites things about Fire Island, you can post right here in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Feel free to share your Fire Island favorites!  Have a great weekend and come and enjoy Fire Island!

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