Did you know there are multiple ferries that offer ferry services to Fire Island, NY? Each Fire Island ferry service runs on a different schedule and provides transport to various locations on Fire Island. So, whether you are visiting Ocean Beach, the Pines, Bay Park, Cherry Grove, Sailor’s Haven, or Kismet, there are several options to help you reach your NY destination!

Each Ferry Service to Fire Island has its own rules and regulations. For example, the Bay Shore Ferry allows passengers to carry two pieces of hand luggage (under 25 pounds) free of charge, however, small wagons, coolers, and carts are subject to a minimum charge of $4. Bikes and large wagons are not allowed on the ferry and must be transported to the island via freight.

Meanwhile, the Sayville Ferry allows 2 bags under 25 pounds or a single large suitcase or cooler. Each additional item you bring with you is subject to a fee of no less than $4. Although the rules are similar, they do vary between ferry services and can change depending on the season. Be sure to plan ahead by choosing the ferry service you are going to take and familiarizing yourself with their specific rules. We also recommend taking cash with you as some ferry services only accept cash for additional baggage charges.

Trying to reach a specific location on Fire Island, NY? Each ferry service offers a schedule for each location they ferry to on the Island, so be sure to check out which service and ferry brings you closest to your destination. Cars are almost non-existent on the island, so snagging a taxi for your desired location isn’t an option.

Check out the various Ferry Schedules below and always be sure to check back a few days prior to your NY trip to ensure that no changes have been made to your scheduled ferry!