2019 Fire Island Ferries

The Fire Island ferry schedule confuses the hell out of most visitors resulting in many people (many people) missing their desired ferry. We have made the schedule much easier to read on the Fire Island Ferry App, you can also see the ones below. Do you
have an iPhone? We have a Fire Island Ferry App that has the schedules for all of the towns on Fire Island as well as an event calendar, maps, pictures, videos, and more. Get the Ferry App.

Useful information about getting to Fire Island: There are three main ferry companies operating on Fire Island, and they serve different areas of Fire Island. Make
sure you are getting on the right boat!

Davis Park Ferry – Services: Davis Park, Watch Hill.

Sayville Ferry – Services: Gay Fire Island – Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove,
Salors Haven, and Water Island.

Fire Island Ferries Inc –Services: Ocean Beach, Fair Harbor,
Kismet, Dunewood/Atlantique,Ocean Bay Park and Sea View.

The ferry is CASH ONLY, and a one-way ticket costs $9 (you also have the option of buying a round-trip ticket for $17. Lastly, note that if you are bringing a large amount of luggage (read: coolers full of beer), you will likely be charged for doing so.
Anything large (bikes or large wagons) will not be permitted on the ferries at any time, and you will have to send them over separately on the freight ferry. Bay Shore NY is one of the main hubs for transportation to some of Fire Island’s most
popular towns. Bay Shore is located in the town of Islip, Suffolk County on the South Shore of Long Island. For a detained description of Bay Shore NY we advice you read the Wikipedia page for Bay Shore, NY.
From Bay Shore NY you can take the Fire Island Ferry to the following towns:

  • Ocean Beach
  • Ocean Bay Park
  • Fair Harbor
  • Kismet
  • Saltaire
  • Seaview
  • Dunewood
  • Atlantique

Bay Shore NY is of course not the only terminal location for Fire Island Ferries. You can also access Fire Island from Patchogue NY, as well as Sayville NY. Patchogue NY Ferries provide access to the following locations:

  • Davis Park
  • Watch Hill

Sayville NY Ferries provide access to the following locations on Fire Island:

  • Fire Island Pines
  • Cherry Grove
  • Sailors Haven
  • Water Island

Yes there is more than one Fire Island Ferry! Please read this to understand which one is right for you. For Fire Island Ferry Schedules visit here. If you have an iPhone there is
a great Fire Island Ferry App that is Free and has Ferry Schedules for all of Fire Island. Fire Island ferries run from a number of mainland locations to various communities
on Fire Island. Although, there is a bridge connecting Fire Island to the mainland local laws restrict the use of cars on the Island. Therefore, the only way to access Fire Island is by private boat, water taxi or the most common and affordable
option one of three Fire Island Ferry Services.

Ferry companies that service Fire Island.

Fire Island Ferries Inc.  The largest of the Fire Island Ferry companies. Fire Island Ferries Inc, services Ocean Beach, Fair Harbor, Dunewood, Atlantique, Seaview, Ocean Bay Park, Saltaire, and Kismet. Terminal: 99 Maple Ave
Bay Shore, NY 11706 Phone: 631-665-3600

Sayville Ferry Service Serving Gay Fire Island Located in the town of Sayville Long Island, this ferry service caters to the popular gay travel destinations of Cherry Grove, and the Fire Island Pines. It also services the Fire
Island national seashore park, at Sailors Haven as well as the small community of Water Island. Phone: 631-589-0810 Terminal: 41 River Road Sayville, NY 11782-0626

Davis Park Ferry Co. Transportation from Patchogue, Long Island to Davis Park and Watch Hill. Davis Park is a small family community of 250 houses. It is open to the public with a life guarded beach, public restrooms, store, snack
bar, and an oceanfront bar and restaurant. Watch Hill is home to Fire Island most popular camp ground and marina. The Davis Park Ferry Co, has been in operation since 1947 and continues to be family owned
and operated. Davis Park Ferry Co., Inc. Terminal: 80 Brightwood Street Patchogue, NY 11772 Phone: 631-475-1665

Fire Island App Copyright 2011 Market Ready LLC Updated: Apr 04, 2011 Current Version: 1.6 Support Email Address fireislandapp@gmail.com

Description The Fire Island App is a must for anyone visiting or living on Fire Island, New York. This application provides updated ferry schedules, train schedules, and real-time travel alerts for all 15 Fire Island communities.
It also provides users with photos, videos, events, maps, directions and vital Information that make the visit to Fire Island as easy as can be. This application is part of FireIsland.com, the leading Fire Island website and top New York travel
destination site since 1996. Rest assured this app is safe, accurate, and best of all you are helping save the environment by reducing waste caused by paper schedules.

Fire Island Ferry Destinations: Atlantique, Cherry Grove, Davis Park, Dunewood, Fair Harbor, Fire Island Pines, Kismet, Ocean Bay Park, Ocean Beach, Sailor’s Haven, Saltaire, Seaview, Sunken Forest, Watch Hill, and Water Island.

Disclaimer: This Fire Island App is not affiliated with or funded by: Sayville Ferry Service, Fire Island Ferries Inc, or Davis Park Ferry Company. The Fire Island App was created by a 3rd generation Fire Islander who aspires
to make Fire Island travel easier and promote environmental change by reducing waste caused by paper schedules. Go green with the New Fire Island Ferry Schedule directly on your iPhone! That’s right no more waste, or worries caused by lost or
outdated paper schedules. Take the Fire Island Ferries with you in real-time. With a simple touch, see full schedules, alerts and much more.

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