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The Fire Island Tide Newspaper is a unique resource for businesses across Fire Island, or who are looking to reach the residents of and visitors to Fire Island. We are able to get your message in front of more potential […]

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Beach Doctor: Balanced

by Dr. Cynthia Paulis Two years ago I lost my balance. My ability to stand and walk rapidly deteriorated, and I began my journey, no longer as a doctor, but as a patient. I went through the endless maze of […]

Science: Bicycles

by Mark LaPointe 201 years ago, the precursor to the bicycle was invented in Germany. The year was 1817, and the “Dandy Horse” was the first human powered two-wheeled (in tandem) form of transportation.  Lacking any pedals, the rider used […]

Fire Island National Seashore: The Hidden History of the Carrington Estate

by Elizabeth Rogers He cofounded the Arts Project of Cherry Grove and one of the oldest continuously operated nonprofit theaters in the United States, the Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey. He was an actor and Broadway producer, and he and […]

Fire Island National Seashore: Before Watch Hill, There Was Bayberry Dunes

by Elizabeth Rogers Before Watch Hill, there was Bayberry Dunes: a small seaside enclave built a little more than a half-mile east of Davis Park and Ocean Ridge. Bayberry Dunes was a secluded settlement with no ferry service, electricity, or […]

Vet Health: Pets Foster Care

With thousands of homeless pets across the United States, pet foster care is becoming increasingly popular. Pet foster care gives temporary homes to animals that are awaiting adoption. A foster care situation can be for either a predetermined amount of […]

Editorial: Celebrate time!

by Kristin Thieling I recently attended a milestone birthday celebration for a young woman I’ve known virtually her entire life. It was a time for well wishing the future, reminiscing the past, and marveling at how truly short the space […]

Beach Doctor: Slip Sliding Away

by Dr. Cynthia Paulis Airports, for me, always represented the heartbeat of a nation. Thousands of people would travel through the terminals, transporting people to their destinations the way arteries and veins would carry newly oxygenated blood throughout the body, […]

History: Islanders’ Club

by Dusty Grant I had the honor of interviewing Blue Flettrich, the creator of the Islanders’ Club. He is a Southern gentleman with extreme charisma. In his charming, southern New Orleans accent, he entertained me with the making of his […]

Interview: Preserving the Past

by Kristin Thieling When I pulled into the unassuming driveway off of Montauk Highway, I had no idea of the journey I was about to take. Greeted by Ron Bush, along with his companion, a Border Collie named Rocco, I […]

Film: The Heart of the Matter

by Kristin Thieling A ferry pulls up to the Pines. The passengers are all men, mostly young, beautiful, and muscular. All are looking for a weekend filled with the sort of freedom only found on Fire Island: a world with […]

Fitness: In Praise of Backyard Games, the Comfort Food of Sports and Recreation

by Mark Rhodes After enduring the challenges and knocks of Cross Fit and MMA last month, I was ready for another kind of challenge: a recreational activity that would allow me to participate without the threat of spilling my martini.  This […]

John Lennon: For Sam

by Kristin Thieling The engraved plaque above the keyboard reads, “For Sam – Love From Yoko and John – 1979.” The piano is an unimposing black Yamaha upright (nowhere near as impressive as the famous white grand). It sits today […]