Fire Island Weather

Many people ask what the weather is like on Fire Island. Since Fire Island is a popular summer vacation destination, the answer most relevant would be for the weather in the summer months. During the summer months averages range from 68°F to 74°F, and plenty of those are beautiful sunny beach days.

As summer gives way to fall, Fire Island becomes a hot spot for hurricane activity. These storms bring large surf, high winds and at times potentially damaging storm surges. This historically begins as early as August and can run into October.

Despite hurricane activity Fire Island is an amazing place to visit in the late summer and fall. It’s a time where the crowds start to thin out, the surf can be world class, and the water temperatures as well as air can be very pleasant.

As the winter rolls in Fire Island becomes a little bit desolate. The Island is home to a few hundred families that remain on the Island throughout the winter. Many of the stores and restaurants close for this time, however it is a very unique and special time to visit the island. If you plan to visit the island during this time is advised that you check the Fire Island Ferry Schedules to make sure that boats will be running as they stop frequently in inclement weather.

Some interesting Fire Island weather facts:

• The average warmest month is July.
• The highest recorded temperature was 102°F in 1999.
• January is the average coolest month.
• The lowest recorded temperature was -7°F in 1988.
• The maximum average precipitation occurs in March.

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