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Fire Island is one of New York’s top travel destinations, its close proximity to New York City makes Fire Island  an easy day trip as well as a sought out summer vacation spot, New York Travel Guide ranks this spot as #1.  There are not many beaches in the United States that can boast such pristine beauty and isolation from the mainland yet is just a stone’s throw away from a major city. In fact it’s almost a paradox that one can spend the morning in the hustle of New York City and be barefoot and carefree watching white tail deer climb the velvety sands on the Fire Island National Seashores dunes by early afternoon.

New York Travel Guide has provided visitors with information on Fire Island since 1996! We have seen the island grow and we are astonished at how amazing the integrity and soul of this New York gem has been preserved. Over the past few years Fire Island has over taken the Hamptons as the New York Travel Guide favorite summer vacation spot and has not only been ranked New York’s best beach but one of the best beaches in the world, not just in New York Travel Guide but Forbes, and Coastal Living to name just a few.  What started as a small bohemian getaway has turned into one of the most desirable beach towns in the United States.  Despite the soaring Real Estate market and inflow of top Restaurants Fire Island has been able to maintain a much more rustic laid back vibe, a stark contradiction to summer in the Hamptons. Simple put Fire Island is flip flops and bongo’s its Matthew Mcconaughey’s kind of place. The Hamptons is the Kardashians, Paris Hilton and P-Diddy , need we say more?

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