Ocean Beach Volunteer Fire Department Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Help Fire Island weather the storm! If you have ever owned, rented or shared a home on Fire Island. If you grew up at the beach, day-tripped, or have fond memories of a weekend escape. The future of Fire Island needs your help.

On October 28, 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept across the Eastern seaboard deeply affecting Fire Island. The island was evacuated, but the first responders stayed and fought.

Since the storm hit, the Ocean Beach Volunteer Fire Department has been working around the clock, protecting our homes from further damage and restoring services to Ocean Beach, Corneille Estates, Seaview, Robin’s Rest and the Fire Island Summer Club.

As the winter months approach, it will not be easy. In addition to working their “real” jobs, the OBFD will be volunteering thousands of hours to fulfill their promise, and we owe them more than just our gratitude.

Be a part of the rebuilding of our great Island. Anything you can give is enough to help out. If you cant afford to donate at this time, you can still help out my spreading the word. Please circulate this page in hope that those who can help will.


Visit our secure donation page for the Ocean Beach Fire Department. 

Click the green DONATE box on this page and follow the instructions, providing your credit card information and address. The site is secure and very easy and you will be sent a tax deductible confirmation. Causes.com will distribute the funds raised on a monthly basis via check to Fire Department of Ocean Beach Inc. 

1. Look for the Facebook and Twitter icons on our Causes campaign page to instantly share your activity with friends and increase awareness.
2. Use hashtag #obfdrelief on Twitter
3. If any of your Facebook or Twitter friends post about the OBFD Campaign, make sure you ‘like’ or ‘comment’. More ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, the more awareness.
4. You can post to Facebook more than once to keep this top of mind. When you share updates about Fire Island with friends, include the campaign link.

So buy a ‘virtual shell’ today and hopefully by next summer the streets of Ocean Beach, as well as the other communities will be lined with real painted shells and their little artists.

OBFD Fire Island
To view more photos and videos of Sandy’s aftermath on Fire Island, go to the Fire Island Facebook Page.

If you want to learn more about how your secure donation will reach the OBFD, visit:

Thank you for your contribution and helping the Ocean Beach Volunteer Fire Department safely continue to get our beloved island back up and running.

This campaign has been approved by the Ocean Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

OBFD Fire Island

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