70¢ a cup (30 day supply – 2 cups/day)

The Fire Island Labs Decaf Coffee offers all the rich, deep flavor of our Medium roast blend. The only difference being, it’s curated with 99% less caffeine. We use the exact premium beans to make sure the full flavor, body and aroma you’ve come to expect is present in each cup of Brew, without having to experience the high and low of caffeine. FREE SHIPPING


The Fire Island Labs organic decaf beans are soaked in hot water for a measurable period of time, allowing for caffeine to seep out prior to roasting. The solution is then passed through a carbon filter that catches caffeine particles, but leaves the water, oils, and flavors to be reabsorbed into the beans. We are left with a caffeine free bean for roasting pleasure. FREE SHIPPING

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs

3 – 12 oz. bag

Delightful Cup

2 tablespoons of grounds per 6oz. of water


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