The recent Fire Island event on May 6th, the “I Love my Park Day of Service”, encouraged people in the community to lend a helping hand to the New York State Parks. In order to preserve the beautiful New York parks, volunteers are always needed to help out and bring along a friend. Community service is encouraged to not only help out local place in your community, but to also benefit from physical and mental rewards including: stress reduction and making your healthier by encouraging optimism.

Projects hosted this day were hosted at four Seashore locations. The event went from 9 AM to 2 PM, and registration was required. The location was at the Fire Island National Seashore Sailors Have Visitor Center. Volunteers were able to gain professional experience, that looks great on resumes and job applications. These events help our volunteer’s self esteem and personal growth.

Besides making a big difference in your community, you will learn a lot of different skills. By working with non-profit agencies, you may learn more about how the government works. You will be able to preserve community resources by helping out. You are also given a sense of civic responsibility, to come together with your community and help local places or people in need.