In the wake of a coastal hurricane event of historic proportions ravaging Fire Island less than six months ago, the question people are now asking will Fire Island be ready for the summer crowds in 2013? The answer is a resounding yes as residents, municipal officials, and merchants of local businesses are mobilizing to bring Fire Island back. There have been challenges every step of the way, but the rate of progress remains swift, and it can be said with confidence that a positive visiting experience is in store for the tourists and vacationers who make Fire Island their destination this summer.

“There has been a lot of sensationalized media coverage about the devastation Hurricane Sandy brought to Fire Island, but very little about our progress and restoration efforts since then,” explains Laura Mercogliano, proprietor of The Palms Hotel in Ocean Beach, NY. “This is a disservice to small business owners as well as the public who come to enjoy Fire Island.”

If there is anyone who knows about restoration efforts, it may very well be Laura Mercogliano. She and her husband Chris purchased and renovated aging economy lodgings in the center of Ocean Beach and founded The Palms Hotel in 2005. Over the next five years their thriving business grew to include satellite establishments on the east and western ends of Ocean Beach that included a range of luxury suites and cottages, and in short order The Palms gained the reputation of being one of the premier resort hotels on Fire Island.

They have no intention of allowing the storm to interfere with their plans for the summer of 2013. These plans include the unveiling of the Presidential Penthouse Suite, their most palatial unit to date at 1200 square feet, with four bedrooms and amenities that include a personal attendant. They also have undertaken their first restaurant venture with the acquisition of CJ’s, a legendary bar and casual eatery in the heart of downtown Ocean Beach. The institution that is CJ’s almost ceased to be with the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, as would-be purchasers backed out of the deal upon assessment of the damage. However where one party saw loss, the Mercoglianos recognized new possibilities. CJ’s is now scheduled to open its doors next May.

Fire Island may be many things to different people, but when all is said and done Fire Island is a barrier beach, which by definition means it is constantly developing and rebuilding itself. Fire Island weathered the storm, and its cherished heritage has emerged stronger than ever.


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Fire Island’s Best Hotel of 2013!

The Palms Fire Island, located in the unofficial capital and quintessential beach town of Ocean Beach Fire Island has again been ranked the #1 Hotel on Fire Island. We expect to see this continue as the owners of this establishment have a keen eye for beach chic and a business acumen that has led to multiple luxury boutique hotels on Fire Island, and the 2013 purchase of the popular CJ’s Bar and restaurant, a Fire Island landmark.

“The Palms is a boutique hotel in Ocean Beach on Fire Island which offers luxurious accommodations in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Unlike typical hotels on Fire Island, the Palms distinguishes itself as having the finest amenities with the highest standard of customer service”

The staff at will be taking another tour of the hotel and will report back with a full discovery of all  new feature you can expect for 2013.

The Palms Hotel Group
168 Cottage Walk
PO Box 431
Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-8870

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Accommodations fill quickly on Fire Island and only a few towns offer hotel and inn options . The accommodations are charming, but don’t expect a plethora of planned activities or five star ratings. This secluded island is all about defining your own fun at the beach.

Picking the right hotel on Fire Island starts with picking the location that suits your lifestyle.  Many Fire Island visitors are looking for either hotels in the Gay resort destination of The Pines and Grove or the more family oriented and straight singles area of Ocean Beach. These areas also offer the bulk of the islands nightlife and hotel accommodations.

Most popular hotels on Fire Island. 


The Palms Hotel Ocean Beach
This plush boutique resort boasts two locations centered in the village of Ocean Beach. Popular for the luxurious accommodations, the rooms at the Palms are bright and meticulously tended to. The rooms are furnished with the finest amenities including: flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, ipod accessibility, and a refrigerator. The customer service is friendly and incredibly efficient.


Most popular hotels for Gay Fire Island. 


The Madison Fire Island Pines
The acclaimed Madison Fire Island Pines is different from anything you’ve ever experienced in this famed gay community. The Advocate recommends it as the best place to stay in the Pines, and raves about its “chic” accommodations. Stylish and modern, it’s a place where flat-screen televisions, high-speed internet service and massages by the pool are just the beginning. There’s a grand deck, a huge pool and a roof deck with panoramic views of the Pines. All rooms come with air conditioning and private baths. And the location is unbelievable: It’s sixty seconds from the beach and sixty seconds from the harbor. Fire Island finally has a weekend home as beautiful as the Pines itself.

Botel Fire Island Pines

Located in the center of the commercial district, guests enjoy the privilege of staying steps away from all the restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and, of course, the beautiful beach. As a tribute to its rich history, we bid adieu to the Hotel Ciel name, reinstating the Botel identity which it held since its construction in 1960.




Other Fire Island Hotels 

Ocean Bay Park

Fire Island Hotel and Resort
This secluded spot at the end of Cayuga Walk offers a great location as it sits on the sand dune overlooking the ocean. The accommodations are modest and vary in cabins, studios, and guest suites. Just steps from the ocean, this complex boasts a pool, patio, and bar and grill. Singles flock here on weekends to take advantage of the Ocean Bay Park party scene.

Sea Shore Condo Motel
This two-story motel is located in the center of town, steps from the dining and nightlife Ocean Bay Park is famous for. Continentally located to the beach, bay, and ferry the Sea Shore provides a comfortable stay. Each room features air conditioning, private bath, color TV, and a kitchenette with access to a barbecue grill.

Ocean Beach

Clegg’s Hotel
The Clegg family has been in the Fire Island hotel service since 1946. The Clegg’s Hotel was built to resemble a sailor’s rooming house. The accommodations are modest and styled after a European boarding house. Studios offer water or garden views and private baths, whereas single rooms overlook the garden and share baths. Located adjacent to the Ocean Beach ferry dock, Clegg’s Hotel is in the heart of Ocean Beach. Guests enjoy having a home base, while they take advantage of all the outdoor amenities Fire Island has to offer.

Housers Hotel On The Bay
At this 1921 colonial-style inn, bay breezes and marina views characterize that classic Fire Island feel. Rooms, furnished in a simple country style, are airy; and overlook the Great South Bay. The real appeal to this hotel is the Hideaway restaurant and Houses bar on the complex. Guests looking to enjoy a simpler way of life value the stay at Housers Hotel.

The Seasons Bed & Breakfast
Cozy and romantic, this country home by the sea is decorated with window flower baskets. The picnic tables on the patio encourage guests to loosen up and bask in the sun at this in-town B&B. Rooms are clean and comfortable and tempered with that northeast beach flavor. Rates include teatime and light fair, which on weekends is in the form of a backyard barbecue. The emphasis on outdoor living at The Seasons marries beachy cool with a healthy outlook.

Gay Fire Island Hotels 
Cherry Grove
For detailed listing of for gay Fire Island visit our Cherry Grove and the Fire Island Pines site.

Belvedere Guest House

Grove Hotel

The Fire Island Pines

Pines Bluff Overlook