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Who We Are

For over 30 years, the Fire Island Tide Newspaper has been the go-to source for news, information, entertainment, and gossip for residents, visitors, and businesses across Fire Island. With a readership of over 60,000, we are proud to be the Official Newspaper of Fire Island.

The Fire Island Tide is a community newspaper. We turn to the people who know and love Fire Island best to report on the events, activities, and goings-on across the many communities of this magnificent island. We ask experts in the fields of health, science, fitness, nature, history, and more to bring their unique perspectives to our readers – all free from political slant or bias.

Our printed publication reaches every community on Fire Island and can be found at all Fire Island ferry terminals, marinas, and parks. And the recent launch of our enhanced online publication has enabled us to extend our reach around the world, while still maintaining our community-first feel.

The Fire Island Tide Newspaper services the Fire Island National Seashore, Fire Island Tourism Bureau, Fire Island Public Safety Council, The Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society, The Fire Island Art Council, and the New York Board of Cooperative Libraries as the official Historical Publication of Record for Fire Island.

For more information about the Fire Island Tide Newspaper, including questions, submissions, or advertising queries, you can contact us online or by:

Phone: 631.567.7470
Fax: 631.803.2247
Mail: P.O. Box 8, Davis Park, NY 11772


Our Team

Kate Heissenbuttel, Publisher

12 years ago, Kate Heissenbuttel decided to bring her 30-plus years of experience in the newspaper industry to the Fire Island Tide Newspaper. Her love of the beach and ocean made this a natural fit, and her energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to the Tide has helped this newspaper grow into the beloved publication it is today.
Born in Washington, D.C. into a naval family, Kate spent her childhood travelling all over the world. Her family settled in Old Field, a village on the North Shore of Long Island, when Kate was eleven years old. There, she attended Knox Girls School. After graduation, she entered college with her sights set on a medical degree. “Well, all of that changed once my high school sweetheart asked me to marry him,” she explains. Kate and Hank were married in 1976 and have a daughter, also named Kate, who is in the medical profession.
Today, Kate splits her time between Naples, Florida and New York.
“If it weren’t for my advertisers, readers and, of course, my staff, the Fire Island Tide would not be what it is. A big thank you to all!!”


Kristin Thieling, Editor

Having spent her nearly 20-year career writing and editing in a wide variety of fields, forms, and media, Kristin Thieling first brought her editorial eye to the Fire Island Tide Newspaper in 2013.
Although she grew up about 20 minutes outside of a small town in Indiana, Kristin always had her heart set on living in New York. When she was 18, she made that dream come true when she began attending New York University. “I went from living in a place where my closest neighbor was about half a mile down the road to living in the heart of Union Square overnight,” she says. While she started college as a theater major, Kristin soon discovered she was much happier with – and better suited to –a writer’s life.
Today, Kristin lives on Long Island with her daughter, Zoe, who is “the coolest kid I know.” In addition to her summers with the Tide, she writes for work (advertising) and fun (fiction and essays) and spends her free time enjoying museums, art, theater, reading, friends, family, and baking.
“The Fire Island Tide is like a family, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”


Mihai Margineanu, Designer

With 20-plus years of experience in magazine publishing, Mihai Margineanu has used his expertise and artistic eye to give the Fire Island Tide Newspaper its signature look and feel for over 10 years.
Mihai’s interest in graphic design began about 21 years ago when he “started playing around in Photoshop. Guess what – I liked it.” First and foremost a graphic designer, Mihai also has skills in passions in many areas of computing, Internet programming, design, usability, and troubleshooting. “Okay… I’m not passionate about troubleshooting, but I seem to have a mind that’s tuned to that sort of thing,” he says.
A growing career in graphic design and publishing has afforded Mihai the opportunity to work directly with a wide variety of people at all levels of the industry – from owners of large companies to the men and women who load trucks. He has worked with pre-press studios, advertising agencies, and publishing companies.
“Every season I look forward to working on Fire Island Tide Newspaper, we all get along so well, it’s a pleasure to work in such environment”



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