The Hideaway never disappoints. This establishment has the essence of a French bistro and serves up outstanding and consistent food. The Hideaway also boasts some of the best service in town and an incredible view of the bay. Fresh herbs are grown on the premise of garnishing each plate to add that home-style appeal. Signature dishes include seafood pasta, the tequila lime ribs, lobster roll, and the flawless burger. Also boasts a lovely brunch featuring lemon ricotta pancakes that will melt in your mouth.

785 Evergreen Walk, Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-8900

The pinnacle of beachside bars, CJ’s is the home of “Rocket Fuel”, Fire Island’s favorite alcoholic beverage. The restaurant offers a diverse menu complete with burgers, wraps, and fresh seafood dishes. There is no better place on the island for afternoon drinks or late-night partying. Located on Ocean Beach, CJ’s is a must for anyone looking for a casual outing with friends.

Regulars have been coming here for ages, especially, in the off-season as it used to be the only place open all year round. In the heat of the summer, CJ’s caters to parched singles seeking to quench their thirst on rocket fuel, the house drink. Not particularly well known for a decadent menu CJ’s serves up some no-fuss favorites such as burgers and heroes.

479 Bay Ave., Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-9890

The owner of the local ice cream shops, Scoops and Beaches and Cream, has a sweet craving for the bar scene. Castaway reopened in 2007 and is now, one of two bars that are open all year round. It provides a much-needed break from the same old scene that is widespread on weekends. A dependable place for a low-key lunch, dinner, or drinks, Castaway is warm and welcoming, and the friendly faces will keep you coming back. A few cocktails inevitably ends the night at 4 am as weekenders spill out onto the streets and beeline to Town Pizza for some late-night noshing.

310 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-0330

This oversized dining hall is the perfect place for large parties and share-house buddies looking to eat out. A true carnivore’s destination, Bocce is famous for its rib, steak, and veal entrees. Be sure to stop in for rib nights on Wednesdays and Sundays. A little roomier than most Ocean Beach bars, no one will cramp your style while you groove or throw darts. Although most bars in Ocean Beach are dominated by young 20 somethings, Bocce consistently draws all ages.

927 Evergreen Walk, Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-8100



Albatross Designed with dark wood, dim lanterns, and even graffiti-covered walls in the back, this place is a crowd pleaser. A mainstay in Ocean Beach, the scene is a blend of young ‘uns and family types and holds the possibility that you’ll spot someone you know. The outer deck facing the street is the best seat in town for people watching. We recommend the cajun calamari, French onion soup, tuna steak sandwich, or the burger.Easygoing hangout with a full bar & patio offering fried seafood, raw oysters & other American grub.

Address: 320 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, NY 11770, USA

Phone: +1 631 583-5697


The Landing is the newest addition to the town of Ocean Beach. Located in front of Ferry Dock, this is one of the best locations in town. We are going to gather some feedback and write a review on this restaurant shortly.

While Flynn’s gets rowdy, The Inn Between keeps it’s cool. Known to house many Point O’ Woods kids jumping the fence for a night out, The Inn Between is everything that Flynn’s isn’t: a friendly and familiar alternative to an aggressive night out. Offering the best brunch in Ocean Bay Park, The Inn is second to none.

Bay View Walk, Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY 11770
(631) 583-0111

Overlooking the Ocean Bay Park marina, Schooners offers a spacious and vibrant bar to hang at while you set your worries a sail. Schooner’s never vies for your attention or tries to get cute, which is what is so endearing about the old school Fire Island haunt. At times, the crowd tends to skew a bit older, but that only adds to the neighborhood feel. Schooner’s is also a popular Inn that provides both kayaking and bike rentals.

57 Bay View Walk, Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-8498

This ocean eatery serves poolside lunches and dinners at the Fire Island Hotel. The Hurricane is an easy choice for hotel guests and informed Ocean Bay Park residents. With a varied nightly menu, the recommended entrees include dijon rack of lamb, sesame seared tuna, and cashew encrusted salmon.

25 Cayuga Walk, Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-8000

The crowd at this monumental restaurant on the bay is casual and diverse. Early evening welcomes families, couples, and singles for dinner while watching the sunset over the bay. After dinner, a younger, rowdier, mainland crew heads to Flynn’s to bring on the night. The hard-core party crowd seems to flock here from all other towns and DJs liven up the dance floor on Friday and Saturday nights. Reggae music is featured early Sunday evening. We recommend the grilled tuna with soy-ginger glaze and cucumber relish or the marinated grilled shrimp.

1 Cayuga St., Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-5000

For 25 years, the Kismet Inn has been the gathering place for natives crowning it as Fire Island landmark. The Inn is a time-honored reliable locale for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks. A mix of summer locals and tourists get loose on the expansive bay side outer deck as the sun goes down. The Inn retains its classic Fire Island charm with the help of the coveted jukebox.

1 Oak St., Kismet, NY 11706
(631) 583-5592

The Surf’s Out Restaurant is Kismet, Fire Island’s premier waterfront restaurant, and club, serving up new world cuisine, Italian specialties, fresh seafood, and a spectacular sushi menu. It features a fabulous sunset dining deck with the most majestic view of the water and an air-conditioned indoor dining room. The water wall behind its extensive bar adds the perfect ambiance. Appetizers range from $8.00 entrées, $15.00.

Formerly known as The Out, a longtime institution of Kismet, Surf’s Out is a newly renovated waterfront venue that welcomes visitors to the island by boat (marina, or ferry) or by land (walk the beach past the historic Fire Island Lighthouse.) The restaurant’s Surf Club provides a lively summertime atmosphere in an outdoor courtyard specializing in theme nights and summer-fun daytime events. Both host live music, happy hours, DJ’s, and dancing entertainment.

1 Bay Walk, Kismet, NY 11706
(631) 583-7400