CJ’s Restaurant & Bar

The pinnacle of beachside bars, CJ’s is the home of “Rocket Fuel”, Fire Island’s favorite alcoholic beverage. The restaurant offers a diverse menu complete with burgers, wraps, and fresh seafood dishes. There is no better place on the island for afternoon drinks or late-night partying. Located on Ocean Beach, CJ’s is a must for anyone looking for a casual outing with friends.

Regulars have been coming here for ages, especially, in the off-season as it used to be the only place open all year round. In the heat of the summer, CJ’s caters to parched singles seeking to quench their thirst on rocket fuel, the house drink. Not particularly well known for a decadent menu CJ’s serves up some no-fuss favorites such as burgers and heroes.

479 Bay Ave., Ocean Beach, NY 11770
(631) 583-9890

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