Nude Beaches on Fire Island no longer Clothing Optional.

The National Parks Service  has released a statement and confirmed with that the few remaining New York nude beaches on Fire Island will no longer be a clothing optional atmosphere.

Effective immediately, state nudity laws will be enforced at Fire Island National Seashore”

New York State prohibited public nudity in 1984, but the federally operated parks department on Fire Island opted not to enforce those laws. However, this has now changed and violation of this law, a class B federal misdemeanor, may result in a fine as high as $5,000 and six months in Jail a very hefty price to pay to let it all hang out.

The beaches that this affects are:

  • Lighthouse beach, from the western boundary of the park to the western boundary of Kismet.
  • The Sailors Haven tract, from Point O’ Woods to Cherry Grove.
  • One half mile on either side of the Barrett Beach lifeguard stand.
  • One mile on either side of the Watch Hill lifeguard stand.
  • From the Wilderness Visitor Center to the breach at Old Inlet

Why the sudden change in policy?

This news comes at a time when Fire Island is recovering from one of the worst storms in its history.  According to the parks department the effects of Hurricane Sandy did play a role in this decision, however they are clear to state the decision is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Conflicts of use.
  • Public safety hazard due to the lack of adequate facilities for trash and human waste.
  • Lack of Dune protection: Hurricane Sandy leveled the dunes in this area, which increases the visibility of the beach from other public use areas.
  • New Habitat: The Hurricane sandy over wash areas left by the storm created added habitat for sensitive species in the area.
  • Increase in criminal activity in the designated clothing-optional areas.
  • This is terrible i’ve been going there for over 15 years…all was well …as for criminal activity not as much as you see on any other beaches, where thousands of like minded people went to and kept it clean without the sanitation dept (carry in ,carry out polciy).. People walk to the lighthouse bathrooms and there was one by visitor center…The storm yes took a hard hit on all of fire island and will eventually be back i’m sure..Most of the people were like family…cleaning up after themselves…not like textile beaches…hopefully there will be hearings …from the puplic..This was the excuse the authorities needed to please a few and to hurt the many. The reason the state made a killing on the 10 dollar parking at field 5 was only because of the clothing optional beach. This beach has been open before the bridge has..boaters came over..Many eldery folks have told me so.. I and so many (thousands) have enjoyed this place so many years and just because some new brass found this storm to pull this stunt off…i’m trully sorry…Grow up and relize the human body is a fine thing …and not something to hide in shame…this is really not over yet and not written in stone…Courts will decide this ..sooner or later..

  • Sandy is the excuse. The beach is overcrowded because so many people are trying to escape from the lifeguard whistles that never stop.
    NY state power grab .We go to the federal beach to leave the state park workers behind .But they insist on following because they have so little to do. They’re afraid for their jobs so they steal the Federal beach out from under us. Think their summer will be less pleasant since they are now an unwanted presence !

  • Sad to hear the news. Been going to this beach for over 15 years. The beach was a no problem nude beach. It was filled with with people who travelled many miles to soak up the rays and have fun . Sure , I saw people shitting in the dunes and jerking off. They are the ones that should be punished not the law abiding nudists

  • Typical governmental response, excuses, and downright lies, especially from the new honcho; late of ALASKA!! At Lighthouse beach there were probably far less incidents of conflicts and assaults than at Moses or Jones Beaches. It was a highly self governed and maintained (poison for bureaucrats) community. There were no incidents of human waste at Lighthouse, as people used the nearby facitilies at the Historic Lighthouse. Garbage cans were available, and as a matter of habit, people picked up any loose litter they di find…again without having to be told to!! There were absolutely no instances of prositution – a total lie, and those who tended to get hormonally out of hand were warned by long time beachgoers. On the few occasions when groups of swingers showed up and got way out of hand it was the long time beachgoers who reached out to the NPS Police to put a stop to it!!! And the few times when bathers got into trouble out in the water, you instantly saw dozens of men run from the beach straight into the water to help the distressed swimmer….people acting on instinct and honor without some bureaucrat telling them from a rule book. If anyone had bothered to ask the NPS Police and Coast Guard, they would have also learned of the excellent relationship and mutual espect they enjoyed with the beachgoers at Lighthouse Beach. And finally, the fine for a class B misdemeanor is $500. NOT $5000. Give us back our beach after 60 years; we take good care of it and each other….

  • most changes like the “adult” area is sad to see it go BUT public nudity is not gone. Just walk around and you will see more skin, sadly of all ages, on the streets in any town

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