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An ideal Fire Island community for families seeking a little rest and relaxation, Saltaire is a well-maintained and manicured village full of recreation including acclaimed youth programs, sports fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a Yacht Club. Don’t let the sound of its name fool you. While phonetically sounding like “salt air,” Saltaire is named after a village located in West Yorkshire England, which is named after a Sir Titus Salt and sits upon the River Aire.

“Saltaire a Children’s Paradise: The Last Word in Summer Bungalow Development” was the motto of the Fire Island Beach Development Company who started offering lots for public sale in 1911. By 1917 Saltaire had become the first incorporated village on Fire Island. This gave Saltaire the autonomy to elect their own mayor, raise municipal taxes and have their own zoning and planning boards, thus giving them direct control over their future destiny.

Ocean Beach would follow suit four years later, but to date they are the only incorporated villages on Fire Island. All the other Fire Island enclaves are communities organized by private associations and must look directly to the Towns of Islip and Brookhaven for municipal governance.

Saltaire’s amenities are minimal: A single, but well-stocked general store, a volunteer library in the lobby of Village Hall, and restaurant services within the yacht club but for members and their guests only. In this way Saltaire cherishes their privacy much like the community of Point O’ Woods, for their services are geared primarily for residents as opposed to tourists or transients. However nestled between the communities of Kismet to the west and Fair Harbor to the east, Saltarians can enjoy the best of both worlds, enjoying their solitude on one hand, but the option of the finest dining, dancing and shopping the western end of Fire Island has to offer being only blocks away.


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