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Water Island
While the name might make you think it is a separate landmass, this is not the case. Water Island is a small, extremely private Fire Island beach community comprised of about 50 houses on modest plots of Fire Island real estate. With Davis Park to the East and Barrett Beach to the west, Water Island is far from the Fire Island beach civilization, creating a sense of privacy that is well-appreciated by its residents. It can easily be argued that there is no Fire Island community as exclusive as Water Island.

As early as 1878 a restaurant called the Pavilion existed where Water Island is today, ran by a man named Richard Silsbee. During the 1890’s Water Island was home to the prestigious White House Hotel, a pleasant example of beach hotel architecture designed by an Edward Ryder and frequented by the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and his family. Caldwell Realty opened the areas up to residential development as of 1912. The considerable isolation of Water Island made it an ideal destination for rumrunners during the prohibition era. Many coastal areas on Long Island and Fire Island share in this heritage, and as Fire Island has a legacy of wreckers and land pirates this was not so great a leap, yet Water Island is perhaps the quintessential example of such an outpost.

For a great many years the residents of Water Island shunned even the most basic of services. It was one of the last Fire Island communities to connect to the Long Island Power Authority grid; access to the nearest stores or restaurants requires a mile-long hike to either Fire Island Pines or Davis Park. For many years there was no ferry service as well, only private boat access. However now, almost reluctantly, a minimal ferry schedule out of Sayville, NY finally exists.

  • I spent many wonderful times in this remote paradise with my son and his best friend when they were six years old every summer Peter c would pick us up at the dock and boat to their rustic beach house. They brought food from the mainland and made incredible feasts. It was pure and simple good life.

  • Great walkways and many deer come out on the beach in the night, beautiful clean sand and quiet area to spend the Summer

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